SO-LE Studio designs unconventional, striking jewellery and accessories with leather remnants of luxury fashion industry. You can think of our designs as easy-to-wear couture, for confident and aesthetically sophisticated women.

Designed in London and made in Florence, our pieces are bold yet elegant, sustainable yet sophisticated.

SO-LE Studio’s will be exhibited at Art Basel Switzerland June 2018. Our work has also been exhibited in MIART 2018 where Sole Ferragamo was nominated for the CREDIT Prize for the emerging designer of the year.

SO-LE Studio’s design ethos has three pillars:

Magnifying Women’s Inner Strength

Through her designs Sole seeks to awaken the hidden goddess laid in the soul of every woman.

These pieces of jewellery, she hopes, act as a vessel for women to exude their power, grace and regal presence.

We guarantee one thing: the wearer will make a statement, turn heads, and will be asked to tell the story of her piece.

Continuously Innovating

Challenging the traditional aesthetics of leather and leather jewellery itself, in SO-LE Studio’s work, the leather and its design are the jewel; light pieces resonating movement or soft architectures creating volume and form.

Most designs display a masked mystery. They look as if they are heavy pieces made of metal, but when touched they bare their true texture: light, soft leather.

Committing to Sustainability

We at SO-LE Studio believe being a sustainable brand is not a point where you arrive. There is always more do be done. Sustainability is a commitment: an ideal goal that we strive for every day. To this end we proudly carry the Butterfly Mark awarded to us by Positive Luxury.

In our effort towards this ideal:

We make all of our pieces with high quality leather remnants of the luxury fashion industry. In doing so, we try to respect this forgotten resource that has come from a living being, and bring it back to life.

We design our pieces in a way that minimises off-cuts.

We work with some of the best manufacturers around Tuscany who adhere to the highest labour standards.

We use recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council Certified material in our packaging.