Scribble is an article in evolution, taking diverse forms for distinct functions. Wear it straight like a ‘prose’ or weave it into a wild ‘poem’. For me jewellery is not a static piece. Versatility enables the owner to interact with it, wearing it consciously, hence enhancing the intimate relationship with the jewellery.

Scribble displays a masked mystery. It looks as if made of metal, but when touched, it bares its true texture – the leather. It is made of 6 strips of leather. Copper wire is inserted inside a plastic tube, a strip of leather wrapped around it, and then the edges are stitched.

In a culture of consumerism, where some items are hardly worn more than once, versatility brings longevity, with each shape creating a fresh new piece.

Concerned with the environmental impact of fashion industry, specifically that of the leather supply chain, Scribble is made from remnants of leather, turning residue into riches.

My designs challenge the traditional aesthetics of leather and leather jewellery itself. Instead of thick, heavy pieces or using leather only as support, in my work the leather is the jewellery; light pieces resonating movement or soft architectures creating volume and form.