Product Care

SO-LE Studio works with high quality materials and some of the best artisans and craftsmen in Tuscany, Italy. All leather used in our designs is of highest quality (referred to as First Choice Leather in the industry). Like any leather, the ones used in our designs also age over time, reflecting many experiences that you gather with your piece.

We have a few recommendations for keeping your piece in the best possible shape:

  • Do not share your piece with others. As these pieces are made of leather, they will take the shape of your body. If someone else wears it, the leather will stretch and lose its shape.
  • Prevent your piece from coming into contact with perfume.
  • Always read the instructions on how to store your piece (included in your box), and store it accordingly in its box.
  • Ensure your piece does not come into contact with water. In case it does, leave it to dry naturally.